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I'm wondering if a Java App Server like Glassfish supports / will support SPDY and how this fits into the Java EE specs (and if some code changes would be required for full effect). At the moment there doesn't even exist a ticket for that (Glassfish Jira)? Why not? Does nobody care or need it?

I know that SPDY works with Jetty (so I could use it for some applications but not Java EE), there's mod_spdy for Apache and F5 load balancers do it. CDN Akamai supports it as well. The "missing link" seems to be the App Server?

I appreciate any hints.

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According to this pretty new Issue on SPDY support will be implemented in Glassfish 4 via GRIZZLY.

The Roadmap states, that Glassfish 4.0 will be released somewhere in second half of 2013.

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Thanks for updating me about this! –  jeha Dec 7 '12 at 19:41

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