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I get compilation errors when compiling neon assembly in Xcode 4.4, those error wasn't in xCode 4.3, the errors are for those commands type:

error: invalid operand for instruction
        vld1 q5.u8, [r12], r2 

error: invalid operand for instruction
  vrhadd d0.u8,d22.u8,d0.u8

error: unexpected token in argument list
        vst1 d2.u32[0], [r1], r3

any idea how to solve those errors? Thank you,

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Try to change your compiler from llvm to gcc –  sammy Jul 26 '12 at 9:15

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replace vld1 q5.u8, [r12], r2 by vld1.u8 q5, [r12], r2

replace vrhadd d0.u8,d22.u8,d0.u8 by vrhadd.u8 d0,d22,d0

replace vst1 d2.u32[0], [r1], r3 by vst1.u32 d2[0], [r1], r3

This is the instruction that should by type by the size of the regsiter! not the register themselves

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+1, though the proper syntax is actually vld1.8, not vld1.u8 (both might well be accepted, but the first is formally correct). Ditto for vst1.32. –  Stephen Canon Jul 26 '12 at 14:28

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