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I simply would like to know how can I get text from websites (with that are not between HTML tags (not like this, for example, <b> hello </b>). I know that I can use HtmlAgilityPack and I have been reading and reading but I don't get nothing that can help me.

I need to extract text like this:

<td colspan="2">
<b>Some text:</b>
I need to extract this text
<a href="#">Some text</a>
<a href="#">Some text 2</a>

This is from a website that needs login first so I can't give you the URL. I would need to extract this from a website, not for HTML file or var String.

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Why don't you try to read the innerHTML from the <td> tag? I mean, everything is contained in something, at least in the <body> tag. Please provide more information on the things you have already tried, if you still need an answer. Otherwise post the answer yourself. – Claudio Bernasconi Jan 22 '13 at 9:25
HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlNodeCollection Nodes = Doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//td/a"); now you can loop with foreach to get all immeadiate childrens of td element. post full html for further details. – Vivek Raj Dec 23 '13 at 5:55

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