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The following ensures an output of char(4), so that 5 is 0005 and 43 is 0043:

if ( var > 1 && var <= 9 ) {
    o.setOutput (String.format ("%0001d", i.getInput());
else if (var > 9 && var <= 99 ) {
    o.setOutput (String.format ("%002d", i.getInput());
else if (var > 99 && var <= 999 ) {
    o.setOutput (String.format ("%03d", i.getInput());
else if (var > 999 & var <=9999 ) {
    o.setOutput (String.format ("%4d", i.getInput());

Is there any way to write this is just ONE line instead of multiple if/case statements?


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Do you really want to ? I appreciate the above is a little verbose/repetitive, but I think a one-line version might be a little obfuscated. You should write code to be read –  Brian Agnew Jul 26 '12 at 9:14

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It looks like you want simply:

o.setOutput (String.format ("%04d", i.getInput());

The format string %04d produces an output field of (at least) four characters, padded on the left with 0 characters as needed.

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Beautiful, shorter, elegant, works like a charm, thanks! –  starbuck Jul 26 '12 at 9:27

Just use String.format("%04d", number);

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