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I am trying to use dancer and starman for my website. And i am succeed in setting the error log into file. Of course i can run a script to move the error log everyday. But I just want to know whether exits method or cpan module to solve the problem. Thanks~

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Do not reinvent the wheel, you will repeat errors of the past that are already fixed.

Use logrotate. It is a unix tool for specifically this kind of task.

To rotate your logs you would usually create a logrotate config for your task in /etc/logrotate.d/.

For example to daily rotate and keep your logs for 14 days:

# /etc/logrotate.d/dancer-error-log

/path/to/my/dancer-error.log {
    rotate 14
    create 0660 mydanceruser mydancergroup
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Tks~.I will try it. –  AilesFX Jul 26 '12 at 10:03

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