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I am looking for some advice or a script that will allow me to sync times between an Active Directory 2003 Server and a Snow Leopard XServe Server. What I have is an issue where the xserve cannot bind to active directory as the clocks are over 5 minutes out.

Does anyone know if a script can be sent between the two machines or any solution that will keep the clocks in sync?

Many Thanks in Advance...

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If you're using Active Directory, then the domain controller should be acting as an NTP Server, which your OS X box can use to synchronize its time.

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Hi,Thanks for that I have set the time on the OSX server to go direct to the Active Directory box for it's time and all users now connecting and server now binding again. I have also added an apple script to check and update the date/time in-case this ever happens again. – Richard Jul 31 '12 at 10:47

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