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Running the latest version of SubSonic ( Retreiving a single record, making one field change and calling .Save results in a null reference exception in the code below:

public void Update(IDataProvider provider){


My code to create this exception is simply:

                DAL.MY_QUEUE l_l_itmEngageItem = MY__QUEUE.SingleOrDefault(x => x.id == each.id);
                l_l_itmItem.date_submitted = DateTime.Now;

Anyone have some insight? 2.0 never gave me an issue. Any help very appreciated.

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I experienced the exact same scenario. I was able to insert, but not update.

The cause, I found, was that a primary key was not set on the table. Once the primary key was set, I was able to update.

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this fixed my problem as well. –  Chris R Sep 12 '12 at 22:44

It doesn't even look like you're retrieving and updating the same item. You're retrieving into l_l_itmEngageItem and then updating a field on l_l_itmItem, which you then call Update() on.

I'm guessing that l_l_itemItem hasn't been initialized to anything that's actually in the database yet.

Perhaps the problem is your variable naming ;)

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