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What web server (and why) should I use for Lua web development?

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There are a few Lua-based webservers around:

  • Xavante seems to be the most popular.
  • Haserl is nice and small.
  • Nanoki is not strictly a webserver, but a nice small pure Lua wiki engine worth studying. As for the Lua wikies, there is also Sputnik, which is fully featured and very flexible, but is a bit on the slow side.
  • There is mod_lua (ex mod_wombat) if you prefer Apache. Looks like it would make it into the next Apache distribution as a core module.
  • Note that it is not so hard to write a FastCGI Lua module.
  • There is also Luv Lua MVC web-framework project (GitHub page). It is not mature yet, but may contain some interesting insights.

Update. Some more frameworks to check out:

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This answer is outdated, there is: openresty, lapis, tir.mongrel and luvit to mention some. – develCuy Jul 28 '14 at 1:55

We've been working on the ngx_lua module for nginx, which supports 100% non-blocking network traffic to mysql, PostgreSQL, memcached, other http services, and more, hence outstanding concurrency level and over-all performance :)

and we're using it in production :)

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Sold! I'd much rather get deep into Lua vs Javascript/Node. – chiggsy Jan 8 '11 at 5:05

The best web server I can think for lua web development is mongrel2. Take a look on TIR framework, which, IMHO, is the best lua use for web development these days.

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For development, it can be handy to run a small test server. A good candidate in particular for Lua web development is the Xavante server which is part of the Kepler project. Aside from some of the supporting Kepler modules , Xavante itself is written in pure Lua.

For production, the new mod_lua (which had been known as mod_wombat before the Apache team accepted it into the core set of modules) running on Apache would seem to be a well-respected choice.

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there is as well the LuCI project [1]. which is the LuaConfigurationInterface, the web based mangement frontend for OpenWRT (embedded Linux).

The LuCI guys wrote also a very small webserver, called lucittpd. LuCI is an MVC as well. And in production state ;)


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Recently, Lua support was added to the web server, check out pre-build windows binary at

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