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Consider that I have the following sets of values,

Y = [1  23  4  67  89  23  5   12 ]
X = [0  2   4  6   10  14  18  22 ]

I can draw a plot with the basic plot function. Now, from this plot, I want to know what the Y value for X=5. How can I get this data?

You can see, it's not part of my plot points, but something I was to extract from the graph.

Any ideas folks? I'm a bit surprised that there isn't a built in function for this.

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The function you are looking for is interp1

For your example, the code would be

 y = interp1(X, Y, 5, 'linear');
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That link was handy to understand the function (saved me the trouble of searching for it). I KNEW that there had to be a built-in function to do this, but I kept searching with terms like 'data extrapolation' and kept running into dead ends. Thank you very much! :) – chronodekar Jul 27 '12 at 5:19

Since plot uses linear interpolation, you should use it as well.

   y = interp1(X,Y,5);
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