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I know how to GET/read bio as well as Work and Education fields but I'm also interested in how to POST/write to those fields using the Facebook Graph API.

I can POST messages and other things like that but updating/change the Bio and Work and Education fields seems impossible. Are those read-only fields for a Native Desktop app. It even seems to be impossible using facebook graph API exlorer on my own user account (yes I have the right permissions for it to do so).

Additionally it is not mentioned as one of the fields that you can use to publish/POST to according to Facebooks website:

We support writing the following types of objects:

Publish a new post on the given profile's feed/wall message, picture, link, name, caption, description, source, place, tags
Comment on the given object (if it has a /comments connection) message

Like the given object (if it has a /likes connection) none
Publish a note on the given profile message, subject
Publish a link on the given profile link, message, picture, name, caption, description
Create an event name, start_time, end_time
RSVP "attending" to the given event none
RSVP "maybe" to the given event none
RSVP "declined" to the given event none
Create an album name, message
Upload a photo to an album message, source, place (multipart/form-data)
Create a checkin at a location represented by a Page coordinates, place, message, tags

Is this a correct understanding of this matter (that it is not possible to write to these fields)?

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possible duplicate of How to update user profile information dynamically using facebook Api? – Igy Jul 26 '12 at 10:30
Yes indeed, this is more or less the same question. Due to its amount of fields en blurried interface possibilities I did not came up using the keyword profile in this question. As I see it right now, my app can only post things and read many things. I'm now in doubt to continue the development of a native desktop app if it is restricted in this way while you can do almost anything via the webbrowser. To be honest: developing for Facebook sucks!! BUT....... the answer you gave is clear and the one I needed :-) – Rembrand Berkhuijsen Jul 27 '12 at 8:02

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