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I heard using gotos in C++ is a bad practice, especially when dealing with memory management. On the other hand using a recursive call would stop the current instance of the function and make it wait for the new instance to stop, which could go on for a very long time until it hits a stop condition.

Are there any ways without using recursion or gotos to get a function to stop and restart itself or return to the beginning of a loop?

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Could you please explain what exactly do you wish to do? The solution will vary depending on the required functionality. –  darnir Jul 26 '12 at 10:31

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You can simply use an infinite loop, for example:

function dontLikeGotos() {
    while(true) {

is the same as

function yummiGotos() {
    goto beginning;

For the record, goto is not available in Java for several reasons.

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