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I have an ArrayCollection which is a dataProvider to the DataGrid. The ArrayCollection may look like that:

{Name: Bob; LikesIceCream:YES},
{Name: Carl; LikesIceCream:NO},
{Name: Ed; LikesIceCream:NO}

I want to have a checkbox, which would make the DataGrid show either all people when it is checked, or only those who have a property LikesIceCream:NO when it is not checked. How do I achieve that?

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Add a filter to your ArrayCollection. –  JeffryHouser Jul 26 '12 at 13:27

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You can use filterFunction property of ArrayCollection.

Write your own function that will filter collection:

function myFilterFunction(item: Object): Boolean 
   var result: Boolean = true;
   if (!checkBox.selected)  
      result = (item.LikesIceCream == "Yes");
   return result;

Set collection filterFunction property

collection.filterFunction = myFilterFunction;

Refresh collection initially and after check box change


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