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I have xml as follows:

    <name>By Book</name>
    <Object>Count Change</Object>
    <Slicers detail="detail">

I simply want to loop through the value of each element of the Xdocument (pref would be any element under Slicers) but to start with just all elements.

When I run the following:

        var slicers = from c in config.Elements("Reports")
                      select c.Value ;

        foreach (var xe in slicers)

The output is a single line concatenating all the values together.

"By BookbookCount ChangeEODHighLevelT-2T-1NewSystem"

I want to loop through them one at a time, 'By Book' first, run some code then book etc etc.

I am sure this is simple, but cant get round it. I have tried foreach(Xelement in query) but same resulst

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That is because you are just printing the value of the root node (which is everything in it). Try going through the descendands –  Woody Jul 26 '12 at 11:01
can you example that for me? I have tried the following with same results var slicers = from c in config.Descendants("Reports") select c.Value; –  user1156000 Jul 26 '12 at 12:03

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i would do it something like this;

XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
//load in your xml here
XmlNodeList xnList = doc.SelectNodes("nodeYou'reLookingFor");
//for getting just the splicers you could do "Reports/report/Slicers"

foreach (XmlNode node in xnList)
    string namespace = node["Namespace"].InnerText;
    //go through all your nodes here

you're creating a xmldoc, loading your xml into it, creating a list which holds each node in the list (at a specified Xpath), and then looping through each. in the loop you can do whatever you want by referencing

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