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I have many TextViews created programatically, but I cannot find out how I could change the text size according to what screen size the device is.

Example: I have layout_sw300dp and layout_sw600dp folders containing individual screen designs to fit according to the phone used. But since I programatically create TextViews, I cannot alter the TextSize for different screen sizes.

How can I fix this matter? Is it possible to have different /res/values/styles.xml for different screens, that way I can attach the style via code and define the styles individually in XML, if so, what is the folder layout?

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Yes - You can create different styles.xml by using values-xxx directory structures. This will allow you to have the control you need if the automatic scaling provided by sp is not enough. Hope this helps... –  Aviral Jul 26 '12 at 11:07

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If you're setting the text size of the TextView using 'sp' then the text should be automatically scaled.

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