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MonoTouch is 5.2.12. iOS is v5.1.1 (Simulator)

Seems like I'm missing an important piece of a puzzle here. I'm subclassing DialogViewController and set it as the only controller in my UINavigationController. In ViewWillAppear of the subclassed DialogViewController, I'm trying to set the left and right bar button items:

this.NavigationController.NavigationItem.LeftBarButtonItem = new UIBarButtonItem(UIBarButtonSystemItem.Done, this.HandleDoneButtonTouched );

Neither one of them is showing up. The title however is displayed. If I debug, I can see that the items are properly set.

I have also tried to use SetItems() on the navigation controller: no effects either.

The navigation controller is presented modally in a page sheet.

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Navigation items are not usually updated through the navigation controller. Instead, they are updated via the NavigationItem property on the view controller:

        new UIBarButtonItem(UIImage.FromFile("some_image.png")
        , UIBarButtonItemStyle.Plain
        , (sender,args) => {
           // button was clicked
    , true);

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