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I have the following list structure (which is a menu by the way):

<div id="mainmenu"> 
    <ul class="menu">
        <li class="item-435">
        <li class="item-468 active deeper parent">
            <a href="#">News</a>
                <li class="item-469 current active">
                    <a href="/index.php/news/news-topaktuell">Topaktuell</a>
                <li class="item-480">
                    <a href="/index.php/news/events">Events</a>
        <li class="item-476">
        <li class="item-477">
        <li class="item-478">
        <li class="item-479">

I want to attach a click() event listener on the first <li>, so that it shows the header of the page. The other <li> tags should also have a click() listener, but in case of this event, the header should be hidden; the header is shown by default, so the header should only show on the home page (first-child).

What I already did:

$('#mainmenu .menu li:not(:first-child)').click(function() {
     //hide header

$('#mainmenu .menu li:first-child').click(function() {
     //show header

But this selects the first child from the sublist too, which I do not want. Is there any elegant way to select the desired tags only?

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you can try $('#mainmenu .menu').children('li:first-child'). children only does the selection among direct descendants and does not dive any deeper. –  Tallmaris Jul 26 '12 at 10:58

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$('#mainmenu .menu > li:not(:first-child)').click(function() {
     //hide header

$('#mainmenu .menu > li:first-child').click(function() {
     //show header
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Isn't it just :first? Or both are accepted? –  Andre Jul 26 '12 at 10:56
@Andre you are right. In this case :first would make more sense. –  simoncereska Jul 26 '12 at 11:01

Hopefully this is what you are trying to achieve?


Basically when you click on an LI, you want the UL contained within, to show/hide, whilst keeping the text you clicked on visible.

Hope that helps?

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