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I am trying to use com.google.gson in my play framework2.0 project, I have included the jar files in libraries, and also mention them in my build.scala file, but it is still giving me the error : package com.google.gson does not exist.

My build.scala file looks like :

val appDependencies = Seq(
                    // Add your project dependencies here,

                    "com.google.gson" % "gson" % "2.2.2"

and i have downloaded the jar files from here

please suggest should I include the all the three jar files in the build.scala? or my build.scala file is correct?

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did you run play update and then play eclipsify afterwards? (if you use eclipse as your IDE) –  adis Jul 26 '12 at 10:56

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You must used :

"com.google.code.gson" % "gson" % "2.2.2"

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You have to do it one way or the other :

  • Include it in the build.scala file and let Play download it for you.
  • Or include the jar directly in the lib folder.

You should do it both ways.

And as was said in adis's comment : if you use an IDE have you reloaded it?

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