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I'm currently working on a highlightable richtextbox control in WPF. The user can type some text into a search box and the richtextbox is highlighting the occurences of the searched word. Everything works fine until I have hyperlinks in the richtextbox, for example:


And I search for the term:


It highlights the text ("st" in stackoverflow) correctly with a red foreground. But when I'm pressing a backspace - so the search term becomes the single "s" letter -, I get an exception:

System.ArgumentException: 'NamedObject' parameter type is not valid for formatting property 'Foreground'.
Parameter name: value

This is because my algorithm is looks like this:

  1. Highlight the text in the richtextbox: I add every highlighted TextRange to a Dictionary, where the key is the highlighted TextRange, and the value is the old foreground property of that TextRange which I retrieve with this code:

  2. Every time a user changes the filter string, I delete the old highlighting and I "re-highlight" the richtextbox with the new filter string like in Step 1.

    • The exception comes from the "delete the highlighting" part of the process. To delete the highlighting, I enumerate the Dictionary, and for every TextRange I reset the ForegroundProperty to the saved value:

      foreach (var textRangeEntry in highlightedTexts)
          textRangeEntry.Key.ApplyPropertyValue(TextElement.ForegroundProperty, textRangeEntry.Value);

The problem is that sometimes the saved ForegroundProperty becomes a DependencyProperty.UnsetValue - and I get an exception.

Which is strange. It looks like the ForegroundProperty "doesn't like" the UnsetValue, but for example, when I filter to


in the text


and then when I'm erasing the "v", everything's OK.

The exception only comes out when I'm highlighting the beginning of hyperlinks.

Is it a strange bug in WPF or I do something wrong?

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I have realized that this problem (bug?) is inside the textrange.GetPropertyValue call. I will repost this question in a shorter and a more specific form.

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I reposted the question here:… – Zsolt Jul 26 '12 at 11:47

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