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I have two classes



AbstractWorkFlow has fully implemented method executeWorkFlow which I haven't overridden in ProductionWorkFlow.

Now I'm adding a Spring AOP to the ProductionWorkFlow.executeWorkFlow method.

<aop:pointcut id="businessService"
         expression="execution(* ProductionWorkFlow.executeWorkFlow())" />
<aop:around pointcut-ref="businessService"  method="log"/>

But even though executionWorkFlow is executed, my aspect doesn't seem to be triggered. Any idea on this matter.

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Try replacing the pointcut to be:

execution(* AbstractWorkflow+.executeWorkflow());

Your advice doesn't match because, since ProductionWorkFlow does not override executeWorkFlow, execution(* ProductionWorkFlow.executeWorkflow()) does not exist.

If you really want to advise only ProductionWorkFlow, and not other implementations, then change it to:

execution(* AbstractWorkFlow+.executeWorkflow()) && target(ProductionWorkFlow);
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Hi Romain , great answer, can we add multiple classes to the target say I have another class extending AbstractWorkFlow called DistributionWorkFlow how can I add in to target. – Isuru Jul 27 '12 at 5:06
@Isuru you could use the following: execution(* AbstractWorkFlow+.executeWorkflow()) && (target(ProductionWorkFlow) || target(DistributionWorkFlow));. But really, if you want "all children of AbstractWorkflow" to be advised, just use my first code sample. – Romain Jul 27 '12 at 8:24

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