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How can I get number of distinct data from column 3 and 6 of my table in my PHP:


open text file (first row is of headers which are divided by ;)

$fp = fopen('C:\...\usedlicences.txt','r') or die("can't open file");

create table with border

echo "<table id='MyTable' border='1'>\n";

create header row for table with headers

echo "<td><b>id</b><td><b>name</b></td><td><b>surname</b></td><td><b>address</b></td><td><b>state</b></td><td><b>phone</b></td><td><b>city</b></td><td><b>date</b></td><td><b>color</b></td>";                          
$length = 1000;
$delimiter = ";";      

from file create rows and populate them with data (skip first (header) row) and add first column where id of row is written

$csv_line = fgetcsv( $fp, $length, $delimiter); 
while($csv_line = fgetcsv( $fp, $length, $delimiter ) ) {
echo "<tr>";            
echo "<td>$k</td>";
for ($i = 0, $j = count($csv_line); $i < $j; $i++) {
echo '<td>'.$csv_line[$i].'</td>';  
echo "<tr>";   
echo '</table>';
fclose($fp) or die("can't close file");

for showing alert how much licences are used (all rows minus header row)

<script language="JavaScript">
var oRows = document.getElementById('MyTable').getElementsByTagName('tr');
var iRowCount = oRows.length-1;
alert('Licences used: ' + ((iRowCount)-1)+'!');

test.txt looks like:

1;John;Simts;Yellow 12;Greenik;1234567;Mannds;12/3/1234;blue    

Thanks, greetings

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What is this? a tutorial? –  Jefffrey Jul 26 '12 at 11:15
No, this is my code for showing data form txt in a table using phpm html and javascript. Now I need help with writting down a code, that would count number of distinct surnames (column 3) and phones (column 6). –  user1452932 Jul 26 '12 at 11:20

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Inside your for loop place the following code:

if ($i==3) 
else if ($i==6)

Then number of distinct records for surnames (column 3) and phones (column 6) would be:



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That is not working for me. I get only one number in echo output and it's calculated as 'number of rows in column (18) * number of columns (9) = 162' –  user1452932 Jul 26 '12 at 11:52
My answer tries to solve this How can I get number of distinct data from column 3 and 6. So if you have in column surname 10 entries of which the 4 are unique and in the column phone 10 entries of which the 8 are unique then count($surname) => 4 and count($phone) => 8. If you need something else then please rephrase your question –  pankar Jul 26 '12 at 12:04
OK, it's working now, I had to add extra code... Thank You! –  user1452932 Jul 26 '12 at 12:39
Do You maybe know how to sort this table by columns - when I click on choosen header (names of headers would be links), table would sort by that header - column? –  user1452932 Jul 26 '12 at 12:41
Please mark this as answered and I'll be happy to assist you further on a seperate topic. –  pankar Jul 26 '12 at 12:49

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