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My domain class looks like this :

class UserEvent { 
    User user
    Event event
    boolean isAttending

Generated database table looks has following columns:


I have Event object and only id of User object (user_id). I want to create new UserEvent object with this data only, without loading User object, it may look something like this:

def userEvent = new UserEvent(user:['id':user_id],isAttending: true, event: event)

I've tried a lot of things but didn't find the solution. I think it is definitely possible, since it is done in a similar way with params in controllers which contain only ids of associated objects:

 def userEvent= new UserEvent(params)

I am looking forward to finding the solution. Thank you.

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When you say "without loading the User object", you can do this:

def userEvent = new UserEvent(user:User.load(user_id), isAttending: true, event: event)

Unlike get, the load method does not hit the database. Instead, it creates a proxy object that only fetches its data from the database the first time a non-id property is accessed.

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