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I've got a piece of software that creates an XSL-FO description from a text file and converts that into a PDF document. Each line in the text file is converted to a fo:block in FO, which sounds wrong, but I cannot change that right now. My document contains 1 to 3 pages of A4.

What I now need to do is add a graphic that is about 8cm in width below the existing text. It should be left-aligned. Next to it I want to place a block of text with a (long) description.

Layout example

I've looked at a couple of documentations for FO and came up with this:

<fo:block intrusion-displace="block" margin-top="20mm">
 <fo:float float="right">
   <fo:block margin-left="20mm">
    Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet laborum proident...
  <fo:external-graphic src="image.png"/> 

This seemed to be what I wanted (after some fine-tuning of course), but unfortunately FOP does not support fo:float yet.

There also seems to be a way to create multiple columns (without a table), but I have not been able to figure out how that works. One seems to need a new page for that, but I need to use the current page if there is space available (which I do not have to care about I guess).

So my question: Is there another way to build this without using fo:float?

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+1 for bacon ipsum. :-) – Daniel Haley Jul 26 '12 at 14:32
Two columns would not help. If the text is larger than the image, the column balancer will start text under the image and continue it on the next column. If the text is certainly smaller, table seems to be good. – bytebuster Jul 29 '12 at 2:07
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You can try to use the image as a background image and leave a left padding that is as wide as the image.

<fo:block intrusion-displace="block" margin-top="20mm">
   <fo:block padding-left="20mm" 
    Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet laborum proident...

If the image needs further treatment that is only possible with <fo:external-graphic>, you could use the padding technique and an additional, absolutely positioned block-container:

<fo:block intrusion-displace="block" margin-top="20mm">
   <fo:block padding-left="20mm">
    Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet laborum proident...
   <fo:block-container absolute-position="absolute">
          <fo:external-graphic src="image.png"/>

A third option would be to use a table.

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