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I am testing my wp7 app and it taking 85MB on Peak memory that is very near to 90MB Limit by Microsoft. How I can reduce that memory consummation.

In my application. I have one panorama page and 3 4 other pages. On panorama page I am loading contacts and showing in my long-list selector. I checked on profile it showing some warnings on Navigation. How To Catter That. What is Best Practices in That Scenario.

=== UPDATE ===

  1. Should I Empty My Listbox Mean Assign Null As Itemsource on OnNavigatedFrom Event

  2. Call GC.Collect() On OnNavigatedFrom Event

  3. In the OnNavigatedTo, I manually calls NavigateService.RemoveBackEntry() to remove the page from backstack and then call GC.Collect()

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I have found that using a Panorama is extremely expensive memory-wise and ended up switching to a Pivot. If you have that option, it may be your best bet. Not sure if there are any real answers here, but here is a thread where this issue is discussed.

Panorama Memory Usage

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Here are some tips, which may be interesting for you from tip #5.

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Click here for read a good article to explain lot off good practices for windows phone. (for limit memory usage too ^^)

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