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How to find one text field value is within past 60 day excluding current date.

For example if I enter value in text field is 20-July-2012 using Date Picker.Then I click submit,it'll check that specific is date is within 60 days or not. If the values are entered which is before 60 days an alert message is displayed. The values are retrieved from api.

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NSDate *today = [NSDate date];

NSTimeInterval dateTime;
if ([pickerDate isEqualToDate:today])   //pickerDate is a NSDate
     NSLog (@"Dates are equal");
dateTime = ([pickerDate timeIntervalSinceDate:today] / 86400);  
if(dateTime < 0) //Check if visit date is a past date, dateTime returns - val
     NSLog (@"Past Date");
     NSLog (@"Future Date");

Change the value of 86400 to suit your query.In this case, it is the number of seconds we want to compare.

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First, convert the text into an NSDate. Then use

timeIntervalSinceDate:[NSDate dateWithTimeIntervalSinceNow:0]

There are a couple of ways to convert text into an NSDate. You can format the text correctly and then use dateWithString or you can convert everything into numbers, multiply them out, and one of the dateWithTimeInterval methods.

If you want the user to be able to enter "July" (plain text month) then you might want to write a method that converts months into their numerical equivalents with string matching.

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NSDate *lastDate; //your date I hope you have created it
NSDate *todaysDate = [NSDate date];
NSTimeInterval lastDiff = [lastDate timeIntervalSinceNow];
NSTimeInterval todaysDiff = [todaysDate timeIntervalSinceNow];
NSTimeInterval dateDiff = lastDiff - todaysDiff; // number of seconds
int days = dateDiff/(60*60*24); // 5.8 would become 5 as I'm taking int
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How do you define 60 days?

You may want to use NSCalendar -dateByAddingComponents:toDate:options: to ensure your 60 days really are 60 days.

NSCalendar also provides -components:fromDate: and -dateFromComponents: which are very nice when dealing with date components.

If 60 days do not need to be true calendar days (daylight saving time switches, astronomical time corrections, stuff like that), you can just have fun with NSDate and the time interval methods alone.

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