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I have a strange problem

I set a session [ using setFlash() ] in an Ajax call, and then use flash() method to display it in the ajax-loaded view.

The whole thing working fine on the local development machine whereas it is not running when uploaded online.

My Login/Logout system using Session->read() and write() working on both Local & Online servers.

  1. I have set the /tmp folder writable online.
  2. My working settings in core.php Configure::write('Session', array('defaults' => 'cake'));

Need Help

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What do you mean saying "not working"? As this is Ajax I strongly suggest you use firebug and check out what if there are no JavaScript errors and what exactly ajax return with response (could be cakePHP error). –  xeranas Jul 26 '12 at 17:47
Plain and simple HTML is what the Ajax is returning. Not working means -- I set a value in session, now when I try to get the value I'm not getting it. But the same session [ but different methods : read(), write() ] is working [means I can set and get session values] during Login and Logout. –  qateam Jul 27 '12 at 5:33

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