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Is it possible to cut multiple dimensions in a php array?

example: I want the 4th dimension of each first-level element

array(1) {
     [0]=> array(5) 
        [0]=> string(_) "/opt/path [10823] (/home/path/file.xml)" 
        [1]=> string(_) "/opt/path" 
        [2]=> string(_) "10823" 
        [3]=> string(_) "(/home/path/file.xml)" 
        [4]=> string(_) "/home/path/file.xml" 


array(1){ ( [0]=> string(_) "/home/path/file.xml") }

is there an internal php function or a way to achieve this without a loop?

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ok, nice link, but how would the specific function look like? Yes, I could overload the Array operator with additional functionality, but I want to know how to implement this functionality. – NaN Jul 26 '12 at 12:43
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Use array_map :

function selectMyLine($line) {
  return $line[4];

$result = array_map("selectMyLine", $data);

You could alse do the same with array_walk, which directly edit your array instead of creating a new one.

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Thanks, works great! – NaN Jul 26 '12 at 13:13

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