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I am trying to format this file using xmlstarlet

The file:


The command: xmlstarlet fo --indent-tab --omit-decl templates/newApp_re_novo.xml > templates/newApp_re.xml

And i receive this message: templates/newApp_re_novo.xml:1.145: Extra content at the end of the document 9999999999999999999999999999999

I think it happens because I have two main tags: and But I need the file like this. What could I do?

Thanks. Felipe

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A valid XML document always has a single root node and xmlstarlet can only handle valid XML documents. A bit of pre and post processing can get around this:

{ echo '<R>'; cat forest.xml; echo '</R>'; }      | # make into a proper tree
xmlstarlet fo --indent-tab                        | # indent
xmlstarlet sel -t -c /R/file_info -n -c /R/result | # break apart into a forest
sed 's/^\t//'                                       # remove extra indentation
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