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Can you do row locking in Access/JET?

For example, can you do the following in JET SQL:

SET UpdateDate = myDate 
WHERE PrimaryKey = myKey
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Dont forget to mark this question as anwsered if it worked. – phadaphunk Aug 2 '12 at 16:19

From this article:

Open Access. Then click on Tools-->Options and select the "Advanced" tab.

There you'll find three options for setting Default Record Locks. You'll also find a check box labelled "Open databases using Record-Level Locking". Use "Help" to learn about what each of these options do for you and select the choices that you prefer for your databases.

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@CraigJ Dont forget to mark this question as anwsered if it worked. – phadaphunk Aug 2 '12 at 16:19

Access doesn't have query hints that I'm aware of.

It should be configurable at the database level. In Access 2003, for example, you can go to Tools > Options, go to the Advanced tab, and you'll find the Default record locking option, which gives you the following choices:

  • No locks
  • All records
  • Edited record

In addition, there is a Open databases using record-level locking checkbox below that.

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As far as I'm aware you can only achieve this via the options and not in SQL Options->Advanced

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