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I post here because I have a difficult question.

I have a class that extends TabNewsActivity of Activity

This class contains a nested class TabNewsActivity: DownloadData which extends to AsyncTask >>

This class TabNewsActivity displays the recovered data from my web service, a spot DownloadData is asynchronous which allows me to retrieve the values ​​of my web service in a list.

To perform an update values ​​(in my application => refresh) I have to do this:

DownloadData (). Execute ();

But I can not do it out of my context TabNewsActivity: s

I would like a way to re execute this command, but in another tab for example.

Thank you for your help

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Suggest making your DownloadData subclass in a separate class file, not a nested class of TabNewsActivity. You can pass it a Handler to act as a completion callback perhaps. This way you can execute DownloadData from TabNewsActivity, and pass it a Handler to call in TabNewsActivity upon completion. The same could hold true when calling it from another class.

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AsyncTask execute() method is static so you dont need an instance of anything to call it. You call it like this:


That will run what you have in your doInBackground() method. As far as I know you should be able to call AsyncTask.execute() anywhere in your app as long as you import AsyncTask.

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Use AsyncTask inside of a Service.

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