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I was wondering how the input data in this expression actually works.

char *filter = "dst host and ip";

From what I understand the dest host bit and the following IPv4 address defines what address the recieved packet should be addressed to.

The man page was a bit confusing on that point saying:

dst host host
True if the IPv4/v6 destination field of the packet is host, which may be either an address or a name.


so is that what it means? and as for the and ip bit I have no clue.

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You are right about the first bit:

dst host

means that the packet should be addressed to

The second one:


like the manpage says is an abbreviation for:

ether proto ip

which means that the packet must be sent using the IP protocol.

So, to sum up: the packet must be sent using the IP protocol to the host having IP address

As a note, the above could be expressed simpler using:

ip dst host

(the shorter syntax is explained near host explanation in the manpage)

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Thanks! very well explained :) –  youjustreadthis Jul 26 '12 at 14:12

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