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My company is using the greenhopper(v5.10) plugin of jira version to do agile project management. We practice scum.

One of our pain points has been managing Epics via greenhopper.

what we want is

1) Epics should contain a field to contain SWAG and also should have a field to show story point roll up of all its children stories.

2) The parent-child sort of relationship between epics and its user stories should be visible/available both from epic and the child. (e.g. child should show the parent or epic, the epic should show all children user stories).

3) The Epic should not be visible in a version like 'product backlog', so the story points are not double counted.

4)Epic's children can ranked in any fashion in the business backlog. The ordering of the user stories within an epic should not be a concern.

We did do some research online, through atlassian's online documentation https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/GH/Working+with+Epics


looks the recommendation is to use the 'scrum' project template and that should help us.

We tried it, it looks ok but it seems items (2) and (3) hard to achieve

so the question

is there any recommended practice on how to manage epics using jira/greenhopper ? any other external plugins needed etc. ?

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We intend on reworking the treatment of Epics in GreenHopper in the immediate future which should help achieve what you're looking for.

For now I think the closest you will come to all 4 items is to use the Structure addon from ALMWorks which can do the hierarchy you're looking for. For (1) you can create a SWAG field, associate it with Epics.

Cheers, Shaun

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Thank Shaun..I will take a look into it. –  user1554739 Jul 27 '12 at 14:18

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