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I just asked the support guys on GitHub why AspectJ (*.aj) files are not syntax-highlighted. The answer was that they are using Pygments, but are unaware of any existing lexer for AspectJ. I did a quick web search and did not find any either. Has anyone here written one or can point me to a link for an existing one?

Long ago I have written a lexer for Kconfig (Linux kernel configuration) files, but it was rather hard for me because I do not speak Python. So before I start torturing my brain again, I thought I should better ask first instead of possibly re-inventing the wheel.

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After having created a "copy, paste & modify" solution of JavaLexer initially because I really do not speak Python, I managed to hack another quick'n'dirty solution which subclasses JavaLexer and delegates lexing to it for the most part. Exceptions are

  • AspectJ-specific keywords,
  • handling of inter-type declarations followed by colons without a space not as Java labels, but as AspectJ keywords plus ":" operator and
  • handling of inter-type annotation declarations as AspectJ keywords and not as Java name decorators.

I am sure my little heuristic solution misses some details, but as Andrew Eisenberg said: an imperfect, but working solution is better than a non-existent perfect one:

class AspectJLexer(JavaLexer):
    For `AspectJ <>`_ source code.

    name = 'AspectJ'
    aliases = ['aspectj']
    filenames = ['*.aj']
    mimetypes = ['text/x-aspectj']

    aj_keywords = [
        'aspect', 'pointcut', 'privileged', 'call', 'execution',
        'initialization', 'preinitialization', 'handler', 'get', 'set',
        'staticinitialization', 'target', 'args', 'within', 'withincode',
        'cflow', 'cflowbelow', 'annotation', 'before', 'after', 'around',
        'proceed', 'throwing', 'returning', 'adviceexecution', 'declare',
        'parents', 'warning', 'error', 'soft', 'precedence', 'thisJoinPoint',
        'thisJoinPointStaticPart', 'thisEnclosingJoinPointStaticPart',
        'issingleton', 'perthis', 'pertarget', 'percflow', 'percflowbelow',
        'pertypewithin', 'lock', 'unlock', 'thisAspectInstance'
    aj_inter_type = ['parents:', 'warning:', 'error:', 'soft:', 'precedence:']
    aj_inter_type_annotation = ['@type', '@method', '@constructor', '@field']

    def get_tokens_unprocessed(self, text):
        for index, token, value in JavaLexer.get_tokens_unprocessed(self, text):
            if token is Name and value in self.aj_keywords:
                yield index, Keyword, value
            elif token is Name.Label and value in self.aj_inter_type:
                yield index, Keyword, value[:-1]
                yield index, Operator, value[-1]
            elif token is Name.Decorator and value in self.aj_inter_type_annotation:
                yield index, Keyword, value
                yield index, token, value
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I have created a Pygments fork + pull request for this code. – kriegaex Aug 9 '12 at 8:52
Update: The pull request for my lexer has been accepted, so AspectJ highlighting is to be expected in the next version of Pygments. :) – kriegaex Aug 21 '12 at 12:22

Syntax highlighting for aspectj should be quite straight forward to implement if you start with a Java lexer. The lexer would be identical to Java's with some extra keywords.

See here for a list of the AspectJ-specific keywords:

And here for the Java keywords:

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There is more to syntax highlighting than just filtering keywords. AspectJ has special syntax for pointcuts and advice. But your links are a good start because I would agree that a heuristic, imperfect lexer which only extends the Java lexer by a few keywords would be better than none. So I might give it a shot when I have some leisure time. Thanks for the links. P.S.: I have no intention of lecturing you about AspectJ syntax, knowing that you are an AJDT committer. You know much better than I do. ;-) – kriegaex Aug 7 '12 at 21:37
Simple and good enough is much better than perfect and non-existant. Even just copying the java lexer with no changes would be better than nothing. There is only so much you can do with just a lexer. To get things perfect, you would need a complete parser. – Andrew Eisenberg Aug 7 '12 at 22:47
I just did it. It was simple and is looking good. I sent the result to the guys at GitHub. I might also create a fork + pull request for the Pygments maintainers later. – kriegaex Aug 8 '12 at 10:23
This is a bit OT, but when looking into your class AspectJCodeScanner I noticed that you list @type, @method, @field as keywords, but not @constructor. Is this a bug or have you done it on purpose? – kriegaex Aug 8 '12 at 14:33
Ha! Nice catch. That code was written well before I arrived at AJDT and I never noticed it. And seeing as how no one has raised a bug about it, I don't think @constructor is used very often. – Andrew Eisenberg Aug 8 '12 at 16:24

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