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I recently updated my ADT to v20 and I'm having problems creating new projects now. I have installed the platform SDKs for API levels 8, 10 and 15, but when I try to create a project based on 2.3.3 and with minimum 2.2 SDK Eclipse says:

This template depends on the Android Support library, which is either not installed, or template depends on a more recent version than the one you have installed

I had no problems with these SDKs when I was using an older version of ADT, but now it seems to be causing problems. I'm using Eclipse Indigo 2 on Ubuntu with ADT 20. I can't download resources from the SDK Manager because they're not available in my country, so I have to install components manually.

Any Suggestions?

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I a not sure about this perticular error but to download and install any coponant you can follow following link.install android componant offline

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thanks. that was really helpful! –  Firouziam Aug 6 '12 at 12:26

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