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Is there any principal difference between setting layout's visibility that contains fragment to GONE and fragmentTransaction.hide(fragment) apart from addToBackStack ?

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fragmentTransaction.hide(fragment) does

public void hideFragment(Fragment fragment, int transition, int transitionStyle) {
    if (DEBUG) Log.v(TAG, "hide: " + fragment);
    if (!fragment.mHidden) {
        fragment.mHidden = true;
        if (fragment.mView != null) {
            Animator anim = loadAnimator(fragment, transition, true,
            if (anim != null) {
                // Delay the actual hide operation until the animation finishes, otherwise
                // the fragment will just immediately disappear
                final Fragment finalFragment = fragment;
                anim.addListener(new AnimatorListenerAdapter() {
                    public void onAnimationEnd(Animator animation) {
                        if (finalFragment.mView != null) {
            } else {
        if (fragment.mAdded && fragment.mHasMenu && fragment.mMenuVisible) {
            mNeedMenuInvalidate = true;

So it does pretty much the same but it

  • supports animation
  • supports backstack
  • sets the View returned from Fragment#onCreateView() to GONE instead of the container
  • takes care for the menu if you fragment added sth there
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