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I was trying to figure out why I lost my column number formats when selecting from a particular view (either to create another view or when copying the view to create a table), and was surprised to find that DISTINCT was the culprit. Using the simplest view possible that illustrates the issue:

CREATE VIEW Test AS SELECT DISTINCT CAST(1.5 AS NUMBER(6,3)) AS TestCol from dual; desc test


create view test2 as select * from test; desc test2


However, if I also use DISTINCT when creating the secondary view, the number format is preserved:

create view test3 as select DISTINCT * from test; desc test3


The bigger problem for me was when using a copy command to generate a table from this view:

copy from bob/bob@localhost/ora create test4 using select * from test;desc test4


And my number precision is lost:

select * from test4;


2 <-- should be 1.5

But if I also specifiy DISTINCT in the copy command, the numbers get copied properly.

The question is why does DISTINCT affect the number format in this way? After an (admittedly quick) search, I couldn't find the reason for this, does anyone know?

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What db version are you on? Is this the SQLPLus copy command that you use (and what version of SQLPlus in this case)? Do you observe the same behaviour with CTAS (CREATE TABLE AS SELECT) ? –  Vincent Malgrat Jul 26 '12 at 14:36
I'm using 11g, and have since found out that this problem is not present on or so I guess it must have been a bug that's been addressed. CTAS has slightly different behaviour - the data type still shows up as just NUMBER but I don't lose the actual number - i.e. its 1.5 in the created table. –  zeroid Jul 26 '12 at 15:56

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