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what exactly this '?' does? can i use it multiple times or '&' is the only option to pass multiple parameter when '?' is already used once?

note: occurrence marked as bold.

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The ? character in a URL signifies the start of the Request Parameters, or Query String. Additional parameters after that have to start with &. You can develop your own way of handling Query Strings, but most programming/scripting languages I know of already have built in ways of dealing with them, so it is generally easier to use the existing tools.


  • Matt
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Quoting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Query_string

"When a server receives a request for such a page, it runs a program (if configured to do so), passing the query_string unchanged to the program. The question mark is used as a separator and is not part of the query string."

As a result, ? should only be used once.

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