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I'm building a PHP web application, and it works in UTF-8. The database is UTF-8, the pages are served as UTF-8 and I set the charset using a meta tag to UTF-8. Of course, with users using Internet Explorer, and copying & pasting from Microsoft Office, I somehow manage to get not UTF-8 input occasionally.

The ideal solution would be to throw an HTTP 400 Bad Request error, but obviously I can't do that. The next best thing is converting $_GET, $_POST and $_REQUEST to UTF-8. Is there anyway to see what character encoding the input is in so I can pass it off to iconv? If not, what's the best solution for doing this?

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Check out mb_detect_encoding() Example:

$utf8 = iconv(mb_detect_encoding($input), 'UTF-8', $input);

There's also utf8_encode() if you guarantee that the string is input as ISO-8859-1.

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Obviously can't guarantee the string is ISO-8859-1, but mb_detect_encoding() looks good – Brandon Wamboldt Jul 26 '12 at 14:29

In some cases using just utf8_encode or general checks are ok but you might lose some characters within the string. If you can build out a basic array/string list based on various types, this example being windows, you can salvage quite a bit more.

if(!mb_detect_encoding($fileContents, "UTF-8", true)){
    $checkArr = array("windows-1252", "windows-1251");
    $encodeString = '';
    foreach($checkArr as $encode){
        if(mb_check_encoding($fileContents, $encode)){
            $encodeString .= $encode.",";
    $encodeString = substr($encodeString, 0, -1);
    $fileContents = mb_convert_encoding($fileContents, "UTF-8", $encodeString);
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