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I search for answer all day long, but when i try to get the table layout i am having null. I found info that it may be another table layout with same name, but there is only one. My .xml file :

my xml

and my code is here layout6 = (TableLayout)findViewById(R.id.shdslResultsTableLayout); layout6.setVisibility(0);

always ends up with null pointer. Please help.

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seems it is unable to locate your view. Have you called setContentView to set the view to your xml layout file ? –  Shashank Kadne Jul 26 '12 at 14:27

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If findViewById() is returning a NPE, try some of these:

  • Clean the project via Project -> Clean... -> check your project -> OK
  • Ensure you have absolutely no spelling errors in the ID
  • Make sure the contentView is displaying the correct layout where the TableLayout exists
  • Make sure you setContentView before findViewById

I'm assuming the 3rd option I've listed is most likely your problem.

Re-cleaning the project may also help after each of these steps.

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Changing your post by copying your neighbour is not very cool ... –  PoulsQ Jul 27 '12 at 15:06

Please make sure you call the right layout in the setContentView method, and make sure you call setContentView BEFORE calling findViewById.

If you made that, then try to clean / rebuild.

Hope this will help you

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