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Can any one tell how to get x and y coordinates of user tap/touch relative to window - android titanium mobile??

I need to add a popup view close to tableviewrow when the user select a row. How to determine the x,y (top/left) positions?

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you can use

    alert('left:'+ e.x + ' top:'+ e.y);

where row is an object of Titanium.UI.TableViewRow. For other objects (like window/view), you can use same eventlistener.

But remember one thing: it gives the co-ordinates with respect to the corresponding row. i.e. you may get same co-ordinates for all the rows.

Therefor, if you want to popup something on that co-ordinate, you should addEventListener to the main window.

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This might help you as the window or object touch events can help you find the exact points the user have touched on screen. thanks

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On click event of any view or object you get x and y coordinate see this link for more reference:


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