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After my uploads got terminated for unknown reasons I try to resume them running the gsutil cp command again and all I get is the following message

Catching up md5 for resumed upload

But nothing else happens, the process keep running but my transfers never resume

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After 1 hour one of my uploads resumes although I'm still waiting for the others. I guess that building md5 over 200 GB files takes time. Is there no better way to handle upload resume? –  Charles Jul 26 '12 at 15:41

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The resumable upload handler computes MD5s on the fly, while uploading files. If the upload completes without any interruptions (i.e., no resume attempts required), this works well. Unfortunately when resuming it's necessary to rebuild the MD5 state from scratch, or "catch up" to the resume point (which can take a long time for large files).

One optimization that would be possible would be to do the catch up in a thread, in parallel while the upload continues. If you (or anyone) is interested in implementing this, we're open for code submissions. See "gsutil help dev" for details about how to do that. Note that the code in question is actually in the boto library.

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