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Like you Know the easier way to fill a dataset is with a dataAdapter like this : DataSetEmp myDataSet = new DataSetEmp(); ...(here Id did a select request..)

SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter();
adapter.SelectCommand = myCommand1;

AND ......(here Id did a select request..)

 SqlDataAdapter adapter2 = new SqlDataAdapter();
  adapter2.SelectCommand = myCommand2;

//I have a Crystal report

CrystalReport1 report1 = new CrystalReport1();

This Way works perfectly good, but I want to fill data with DataReader not DataAdapter because I want to Check some values In a while(myReader.read()){ ....} loops.

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You have to populate the DataTable manually using its methods and properties. Eg. creating each contained DataTable in turn (in essence re-creating the implementation of DataAdapter.Fill).

Alternately you could use the DataAdapter and before passing it to Crystal Reports use those same members to modify the DataTable's content.

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You're right man, Creating a dataTable in C# code is a better way I think , thx. –  wben Jul 26 '12 at 14:51

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