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I have a ul with several items. I populate the list dynamically after page load using jquery. As I add each list item, I also add an "itemID" to the data of that element using the jquery ".data()" function. Something like this:

var item = $('<li>My Item Name</li>');
item.data('itemID', '123ABC456');

Later, I need a selector to determine if there is any item in my item list with a specific itemID. First I tried using:


This didn't work - and on further research, I discovered that this syntax only works if the data attribute was set in the DOM when the page was loaded; it doesn't work if you use the ".data" jquery method dynamically.

Next I tried:


For some reason, this doesn't work. If I run simply $(':data(itemID)'), however, then I do get all the li elements that have an itemID in their data.

I know that the itemID attribute is set correctly, as when I call .data() on that list item I get:

Object { itemID="123ABC456"}

How can I select all elements that have an itemID of "123ABC456" in their data?

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have you tried just iterating over all <li> items on a page that contain a data attribute and plucking the result you're looking for out of there? –  tkone Jul 26 '12 at 14:49
I have made a JSfiddle. Effectivelly finding dynamic data by selector don't seem to work jsfiddle.net/molokoloco/A5652 "The data- attributes are pulled in the first time the data property is accessed and then are no longer accessed or mutated (all data values are then stored internally in jQuery)." –  molokoloco Apr 18 at 14:53

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http://jsfiddle.net/w28p9/1/ <-- jsFiddle example showing differences with data-attribute & jquery.data()

jQuery.data() is different than HTML5 data-NAME attributes which you are trying to search for.


jQuery.data() saves inside of the jquery element (this data is hidden from plain sight). Looking for [data-itemID] would work if inside of the actual had: <li data-itemID="12345"></li>.

To retrieve and look for the actual hidden .data() try:

// of course be more specific than just searching through all <li>'s
$('li').each(function () {
    if ( $(this).data('itemID') === '123ABC456' ) {
        // do whatever you wanted to do with it

Hope that helps!

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Thanks! I was hoping to avoid a loop - but I guess a selector is in essence a loop anyway. This worked for me :) –  froadie Jul 26 '12 at 18:08

How about putting the itemID in the DOM:

var item = $('<li itemID="'+itemid+">My Item Name</li>');
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I really don't want to have custom attributes. I thought of doing this with the "rel" attribute, but using data seemed more logical. I didn't realize that there was no easy selector, though... –  froadie Jul 26 '12 at 17:35

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