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Hi I was wondering how you can hide the scrollbars in a div, but still be able to move the content with the middle mouse button.

I currently have two divs. div1 has overflow-x: scroll; overflow-y: hidden; div2 has overflow:scroll.

Now to sync the two divs I use javascript so that whenever div2 vertical scrollbar is moved it is copied by div1.

This work great expect that I can't use the middle mouse button to move the content in div1.

Div 1

<div id="div1" onscroll="OnScroll(this)" style="width: 577; height: 600px; overflow-x: scroll; overflow-y: hidden;">

Div 2

<div id="div2" onscroll="OnScroll2(this)" style="width: 500px; height: 600px; overflow: scroll;">


    //Need two functions so that both divs will scroll accordingly
    function OnScroll(div) {
        var d1 = document.getElementById("div2");
        d1.scrollTop = div.scrollTop;

    function OnScroll2(div) {
        var d1 = document.getElementById("div1");
        //scrollTop is a hidden function

        d1.scrollTop = div.scrollTop;

        //For some reason div2 has an extra 6 pixels at the bottom. This keeps it lined up with the otherside
        if (div.scrollTop + 6 >= d1.scrollTop) {
            div.scrollTop = d1.scrollTop;
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post your js code, are you using 'onClick'? –  MCSI Jul 26 '12 at 15:04
Alright, but I don't think the javascript code will matter. and I am using onScroll –  user1301708 Jul 26 '12 at 15:19

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