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I have this table called logs that logs a who input or output data. Now I wan't to get the statistics of who has the most contributions and rank them.

Columns are

 Occur_Time | iUser_id | iUsername | oUser_id | oUsername
 --iUser_id is the input persons index from another table that lists the username.
 --iUsername is the input persons name.
 --oUser_id is the index of the person who took the input away.
 --oUsername is the name of the person who took the input away.

Now I wan't to know who has the most input.

My logic:

     User_id is 1, name is One.
     Check how many times 1 is repeated on iUser_id = 100 times.
     Check how many times 1 is repeated on oUser_id = 10 times.
     User_id=1 has contributed 90 times.
     Then sort by who has most contribution.

Thank you.

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Can you create the table on sqlfiddle? –  Samson Jul 26 '12 at 15:15

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SELECT L.iUsername, 
((SELECT COUNT(1) FROM logs WHERE iUsername=L.iUsername) - 
(SELECT COUNT(1) FROM logs WHERE oUsername=L.iUsername)) as rank  
FROM logs L 
GROUP BY L.iUsername 
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The Rank feature is probably what you are looking for.

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I'm checking this now. I didn't even know rank() existed on sql. thanks. –  nambla Jul 26 '12 at 15:06

Try that query.

Select user_id, count(user_id) from tablename group by user_id;
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