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I have a DebianEtch/Postgres 8.1 setup which replicates using slony from master > slave.

These servers are being replaced by Debian Squeeze/Postgres 8.4 servers.

I've got Slony between the Squeeze servers running fine, and need to replicate from Etch.Master to Squeeze.Master before I pull the plug on the Etch boxes.


./install_ms1_sqz.slonik:6: Possible unsupported PostgreSQL version (80412) 8.4, defaulting to 8.0 support
./install_ms1_sqz.slonik:6: loading of file /usr/share/slony1/slony1_funcs.sql: PGRES_FATAL_ERROR ERROR:  Slonik version: 1.2.6 != Slony-I version in PG build 1.2.21
ERROR:  Slonik version: 1.2.6 != Slony-I version in PG build 1.2.21

I'm guessing it's complaining about the different versions of 'something' between Etch and Squeeze servers, but not sure what.

The Etch box is a live server and cannot be disturbed, although I can install a new version of slony if need (and available), and must still replicate to Etch.Slave, although some 'downtime' is OK for this.

So, do I have a hope in hell, or must I dump/restore the relevant tables, seqs etc at switchover time?


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The error message seems clear - you have different versions of Slony on the two servers and they aren't compatible.

I'd install both PostgreSQL and Slony from source on the squeeze server - that way you can have the same version on both machines. It's not a difficult process once you've installed the relevant development libraries.

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But isn't the Squeeze version newer than the etch one? The Squeeze has the latest, and I doubt I could (easily) get the latest versions onto Etc. – Martin Moore Jul 26 '12 at 18:35
See if you can find the same version for both releases. Backports may be of help here. Are you familiar with using backports? – Scott Marlowe Jul 27 '12 at 13:47
To an extent yes, but not sure if they go back more than one version - and I've then got the problem of going back to the current version on what would then be the live server. I'm thinking that a manual dump/restore will be safer if a real pita! – Martin Moore Jul 27 '12 at 15:15

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