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I am retrieving some web data, parsing it, and storing the output as a Pandas DataFrame into an HDF5 file. Right before I write the DataFrame into the H5 file, I add my own description string to annotate some metadata about where the data came from and whether anything went wrong while parsing it.

In [1]: my_data_frame.desc = "Some string about the data"

In [2]: my_data_frame.desc

Out[1]: "Some string about the data"

In [3]: print type(my_data_frame)
<class 'pandas.core.frame.DataFrame'>

However, after loading the same data with pandas.io.pytables.HDFStore(), my added desc attribute is missing and I get the error: AttributeError: 'DataFrame' object has no attribute 'desc' as if I had never added this new attribute.

How can I get my metadata descriptions to persist as an extra attribute of the DataFrame object? (Or is there some existing, recognized attribute of a DataFrame that I can hijack for my metadata purposes?)

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Adding DataFrame metadata or per-column metadata is on the roadmap but hasn't been implemented yet. I'm open to ideas about what the API should look like, though.

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Do you know if it's possible just to overwrite the __doc__ attribute, or is it bound for a DataFrame? I am finding that when I try to overwrite it, and then load the object from H5, the docstring is actually just None. It doesn't keep my new docstring, but also doesn't revert to the regular docstring. –  Mr. F Jul 26 '12 at 15:48
Further, a simple workaround for me would be to write a dictionary to the H5 file, with a 'data' key for the DataFrame and a 'description' key for my string description. But this gives a Key Error. Is this an error with H5py/PyTables? Surely you ought to be able to store non-rectangular data arrays to H5? –  Mr. F Jul 26 '12 at 16:03
Sorry, in re-reading that it may have come off sounding critical. I did not mean you (or Pandas) specifically, but rather HDF5. I'm assuming it can accommodate a dictionary, but perhaps the PyTables HDFStore being used is unique to a pandas object? –  Mr. F Jul 26 '12 at 20:49
I would also really like some simple custom attribute capability. I am working with astronomical spectra and a DataFrame is a fantastic toool to store them, but it would be very nice to be able to write a tag like the redshift of the object (without having to write an entire extra column for that). –  Thriveth Aug 12 '13 at 11:26
Perhaps the column metadata api can look similar to the netCDF4 attributes api. –  SiggyF Aug 25 '13 at 12:34

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