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I'm having trouble logging into a secure site with a WatiN LogonDialogHandler running on a IE6 / Windows 2000 machine. It doesn't fill in the userid/password for the proxy site, but works fine on a IE7 / Windows XP machine.

Has anyone ever had/solved this problem?

I found the same question on dream.in.code, but it's unanswered.

I know upgrading to IE7 might solve this problem, but upgrading is not an option right now.

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Ha, forgot I had posted this...I figured out the reason(s) that WatiN wasn't handling logon (or any) dialogs in IE6:

  1. The check for the iexplore.exe process name was case sensitive.
  2. IE6 has a different logon dialog than IE7, so the code to send clicks and text to its controls didn't work.

See the patch I submitted for more info.

Apparently no one else is trying to handle IE6 dialogs with WatiN. Lucky them!

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