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Is there a way in MATLAB to get the user name of the user that started the session?

I am interested in solutions for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. I imagine that if the solutions are platform-specific, both solutions can be integrated as follows:

if ispc
    user_name = % method 1
elsef isunix
    user_name = % method 2
elseif % Mac OS???
    user_name = % method 3
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if isunix
    [~, user_name] = system('whoami') % exists on every unix that I know of
    % on my mac, isunix == 1
elseif ispc
    [~, user_name] = system('echo %USERDOMAIN%\%USERNAME%') % Not as familiar with windows,
                            % found it on the net elsewhere, you might want to verify

Hope that helps! You might want to also put in a else I'm confused clause just in case you do find that system that is not unix nor pc.

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How about using Java (works on all platforms supported by MATLAB):

user_name = java.lang.System.getProperty('user.name')
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Definitely the more portable/elegant/reliable solution. –  patrickvacek Jul 1 '13 at 18:39

To get it on Windows:


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How about a bit more detail. –  MrBoJangles Jul 23 at 21:00

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