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Here is the context

if (self.display.text hasPrefix:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@ = ", ANYLETTER])

Thanks Matt, I changed it a bit so it still checked for the rest of the formatting I had, now it works as expected. :)

if ([self.display.text rangeOfString:@" = "].location == 1 && [[NSCharacterSet letterCharacterSet] characterIsMember:[self.display.text characterAtIndex:0]])

EDITED: This just checks if the first character is a letter

char character = [self.display.text characterAtIndex:0];
if ([[NSCharacterSet lowercaseLetterCharacterSet] characterIsMember:character] || [[NSCharacterSet uppercaseLetterCharacterSet] characterIsMember:character])
    //String Starts With a Letter
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if ([[NSCharacterSet letterCharacterSet] characterIsMember:[self.display.text characterAtIndex:0]])
    // Starts with letter.
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Careful! This character set includes two characters that, literally speaking, aren't letters: ` and ^. –  Timo Jan 21 '13 at 10:35
You could simply check if the character is a lowercase letter or an uppercase letter. –  William Villeneuve Feb 3 '13 at 22:23

Here's one way:

unichar ch = [[[self display] text] characterAtIndex:0];
BOOL startsWithLetter = (ch >= 'a' && ch <= 'z') || (ch >= 'A' && ch <= 'Z')

You could also use a regex library/method to check, but the above is pretty simple and fast.

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You can do an - (NSRange)rangeOfCharacterFromSet:(NSCharacterSet *)aSet of NSString and pass [NSCharacterSet letterCharacterSet] and check if the location of the range is 0.

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