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I am making my nav links highlighted when the page is where the link points to. However, because some of my links are simply index.php with GET variables, I am having trouble differentiating that with just index.php.

E.g. index.php and index.php?get=** with $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] are both /index.php. how do I ensure that the page is at index.php without any get variables?

This is my nav highlighting code.

if( $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] == '/index.php'
    ! isset($_GET)
{ echo 'class="white"'; }
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IIRC correctly, $_GET is always set. –  hakre Jul 26 '12 at 16:02
Yes $_GET is always set in a webserver context. You need to check if it is empty like shown in the answer below. –  Mike Brant Jul 26 '12 at 16:04

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You can check if $_GET is empty like this:

if(empty($_GET)) {
    // there are no GET paramas set this is index.php
} else {
    // there are GET params set
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Because $_GET is a (superglobal) array, you can check with count() wether elements are set or not.

if(count($_GET) == 0) {
  // index.php
} else {
  // get params ...
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